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Digital Microscopes

Children's Digital Microscopes.Explore the world on a microscopic level using a digital microscope at one of the five multimedia computers in the children’s library. Microscopes  are perfect for examining objects such as coins, stamps, rocks, gems, insects, plants, skin, fibers and  much more. Use snapshot images in research papers for school!

Backpack Kits

Children's Backpack.Theme related kits contain a selection of materials for a wide range of grade levels, and include books, audio tapes and compact discs, videos, multimedia and bibliographies. Kits check out for 14 days.

(Library Early-Learning Activities Project)

Children's LEAP Kit.Theme related kits contain a variety of materials for children birth to 5 years old, and include books, multimedia, puppets, flannel board activities, puzzles and more. Kits check out for 14 days.