For kids who love to build!

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LEGO project contests for age groups 4-13!

LEGO-rama Rules

Challenge Theme for 2017: “Build a Better World.” Create an invention or a scenario that would make the world a better place to live. Write a brief background story to exhibit with your entry. (Competitors who have not yet learned to write can dictate their story to someone who can.)

The goal of LEGO-Rama is to have fun and learn a little about building techniques.  For this reason we encourage parents and other adults to allow their children to design and build their contest entries using their own imaginations and skills so participants can compete on an equal footing.  Thank you!


2015 LEGO_Rama Winners

Ages 4-6

First: Violet Petersen, “LEGO Ships”

Second: Lydia Specer, “Hero Elf”

Third: Conan Tapia, “Super Seahawks”

Ages 7-10

First: Ava Mendoza, “Celpman’s Seastar”

Second: Claton Scott Hallett Wilde, “Dragon and Phoenix”

Third: Joshua Thomas Averett, “Captain Silver”

Ages 11-13

First: Isaac Babin, “The Robot Factory”

Second: Noah Helmick, “Shabang’s Lair”

Third: Kendyl Dickinson, “Halo and Dino Man vs. Doom”

People's Choice Award

First: Ryan Simonet, Age 9, “War of Heroes"

Winners of the 2015 LEGO-Rama.

2010 LEGO-Rama Winners

Ages 4-6

First: Joey Clark

Second: Ethan Schwegal

Third: David Nieman

Ages 7-10

First: Evan Seibert

Second: Ian Fleming

Third: Zach Schmitt.

Ages 11-13

First: Easton Gervais

Second: Richard Warner

Third: Phillip McDaniel 

People’s Choice

First: Easton Gervais

Second: Evan Siebert

Third: Matthew Robinson

2008 LEGO-Rama Winners

Best of Show

Josiah Hummel

13-14 Years Old

First Place: Elijah Ghodsee

Second Place: Andrew Hoskings

11-12 Years Old

First Place: Vanya Hummel

Second Place: Gibbons and Jackson Hightower (joint project)

Third Place: Sam Hourland

9-10 Years Old

First Place: Philip McDaniel

Second Place: Garett Oetkin

Third Place (tie): Andy Jakubek and Ben Macomber

7-8 Years Old

First Place: Landon Moulding

Second Place: Bridger Roger

Third Place (tie): Hunter Bell and Damon Schafer

5-6 Years Old

First Place: Josiah Hummel

Second Place: Cade McConnachie

Third Place: Riley Tenney

2007 LEGO-Rama Winners

Design Contest Winners

(All on the Non-mechanized Category)

13-14 Years Old

First Place: Ben Thruman

11-12 Years Old

First Place: Kevin Hill

Second Place: Dirk Seymour

Third Place: Romulus Cansino

9-10 Years Old

First Place: Vanya Hummel

Second Place: Caleb Stedman

Third Place: Joseph Hoisington

7-8 Years Old

First Place (tie): Connor Kelley and James Turpen

Second Place: Andy Stedman

5-6 Years Old

First Place: Josiah Hummel

Second Place: Bridger Rogers

Third Place: Melina Smith

(There were no Mechanized entries.)