LEGO-Rama - 2007 LEGO-Rama Winners

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2007 LEGO-Rama Winners

Design Contest Winners

(All on the Non-mechanized Category)

13-14 Years Old

First Place: Ben Thruman

11-12 Years Old

First Place: Kevin Hill

Second Place: Dirk Seymour

Third Place: Romulus Cansino

9-10 Years Old

First Place: Vanya Hummel

Second Place: Caleb Stedman

Third Place: Joseph Hoisington

7-8 Years Old

First Place (tie): Connor Kelley and James Turpen

Second Place: Andy Stedman

5-6 Years Old

First Place: Josiah Hummel

Second Place: Bridger Rogers

Third Place: Melina Smith

(There were no Mechanized entries.)