LEGO-Rama - 2015 LEGO-Rama Winners

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2015 LEGO_Rama Winners

Ages 4-6

First: Violet Petersen, “LEGO Ships”

Second: Lydia Specer, “Hero Elf”

Third: Conan Tapia, “Super Seahawks”

Ages 7-10

First: Ava Mendoza, “Celpman’s Seastar”

Second: Claton Scott Hallett Wilde, “Dragon and Phoenix”

Third: Joshua Thomas Averett, “Captain Silver”

Ages 11-13

First: Isaac Babin, “The Robot Factory”

Second: Noah Helmick, “Shabang’s Lair”

Third: Kendyl Dickinson, “Halo and Dino Man vs. Doom”

People's Choice Award

First: Ryan Simonet, Age 9, “War of Heroes"

Winners of the 2015 LEGO-Rama.