Long Range Plan - June 2012, revised March 2015 - Appendix: Completed

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GOAL #1: To continue to be aware of, and responsive to, community needs. 

  • Increase young adult programming.
    • Accomplished 2014

GOAL #2: To maintain an environment that is welcoming and safe for Library patrons and staff.

  • Address parking lot issues
    • Accomplished- 2 hour limits imposed by ordinance 2012

GOAL #3: To keep abreast of changing technology in the provision of materials, information and patron access.

  • Continue to explore new ways of providing patrons with library services such as IM and live chat reference.
    • Tried – no interest from public

GOAL#6: To retain current library staff and increase the number of staff to better serve patrons.

  • Hire a librarian for young adult programming and collection development.
    • Accomplished 2014