Long Range Plan - June 2012, revised March 2015 - Mission Statement

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The Coeur d'Alene Public Library is committed to excellence in library services. Dedicated to lifelong learning, the library provides free and equal access to a full range of historical, intellectual, and cultural resources.

The Board is aware of the existing and potential value of the library to this community. Use increased by 98% after opening the new building in 2005.

After plateauing for nearly a year, library use is on the rise again but in our commitment to excellence we identified concerns to address to increase and enhance library usage and function. These are:

  • Assuring adequate parking for library patrons
  • Increasing library hours of operation
  • Providing more adequate staffing to meet increasing demand
  • Increasing multimedia collection development
  • Providing more program opportunities for all ages.

The following goals and objectives address these concerns:

GOAL #1: To continue to be aware of, and responsive to, community needs.


  • Track changes in demographics in order to provide access to materials that meet the needs of all members of the community.
  • Interact with community groups.
  • Continue to maintain a close relationship with community schools, both public and private.
  • Seek input from residents, both library users and non-users, on a regular basis.
  • Plan programming for residents of all ages. Continue to collaborate with area libraries on improving library services, sharing resources, and providing programs. 

GOAL #2: To maintain an environment that is welcoming and safe for Library patrons and staff.

• Through technology and planning continue to explore ways to make the library safe and secure for both staff and patrons,
• Emphasize customer service throughout the Library, both at traditional service desks and by expanding library staffing into currently understaffed areas.
• Increase and improve signage and other finding aids for patrons.

GOAL #3: To keep abreast of changing technology in the provision of materials, information and patron access.


  • Continue to support and expand electronic remote accessing of library resources.
  • Explore new ways of providing patrons with information about library services.
  • Explore new ways to assist library patrons in utilizing library services and technology.
  • Continually update library catalog and circulation system as needed for patron needs.
  • Offer technology related library programs.
  • Publicize library offerings,  regularly informing the public of 24/7 access to online books, music, research sites, other databases.
  • Provide patrons with the option of receiving text notifications.
  • Digitize all Coeur d’Alene Press microfilm and provide online access.
  • Provide printing for wireless devices.
  • Create a makerspace area for users of all ages.
  • Provide adequate charging stations for most electronic devices.

GOAL #4: To continue to establish, maintain, and grow a relevant collection of books and materials in a variety of formats.


  • Provide an adequate materials budget that includes guidelines for the number of copies of titles to be purchased that identifies subject areas that need continuous purchasing.
  • Regularly weed collection replacing items when necessary.
  • Improve the adult collection by purchasing multiple copies of high demand titles by popular authors and in popular subject areas identified in the collection development plan.
  • Improve the children’s collection by purchasing multiple copies of popular books as identified generally in the collection development plan.
  • Expand the young adult materials collection.
  • Expand online holdings of ebooks and audiobooks for all ages.
  • Maintain communication with the mayor and city council and the city administration regarding the Library’s long and short term capital needs.
  • Expand funding in order to add online access to e-magazines and foreign language tutorials.
  • Explore options for streaming movies.

GOAL #5: To provide community members with increased access to library materials and services.


  • Increase number of open hours.
  • Reserve adequate parking for patrons.
  • Assure Library online information readable on every device.
  • Educate community regarding the use of the expanded network system.
  • Explore the concept of partnering with a school library to offer public library services.

GOAL#6: To retain current library staff and increase the number of staff to better serve patrons.


  • Develop and fund more professional positions.
  • Fund benefits for part-time staff.
  • Increase programming hours for part-time staff.
  • As the population of CdA grows, increase number of library staff positions to the standard of .5 staff FTE per every 1,000 residents.
  • Secure grants via the library foundation for continuing education leading to library degrees.

GOAL #7: To keep staff members abreast of changing technology, community needs and ways of finding and providing information.


  • Seek additional funding for staff development and training.
  • Continue to foster staff development through attendance at statewide and regional workshops and conferences and other educational meetings.
  • Encourage staff to serve on committees and boards for statewide and regional library organizations.
  • Provide in-house support and training for staff members seeking to understand and/or implement new technologies, through formal training from other staff members, outside consultants, or other means at our disposal.
  • Encourage staff to pursue educational opportunities related to library science.