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Policy Manual - IV. Gifts Policy

IV. Gifts Policy – Approved, May 2006
The Library will encourage and accept gifts suitable for its materials collection. Gift materials must meet the same criteria for selection as purchased materials.
A. All gifts of books and materials must be in usable physical condition.
B. Format must be suitable to library use. If the binding, condition of paper, or unusual format makes an item unsuitable for library use, it will not be added.
C. Gifts that are cataloged and added to the collection will be shelved in their regular classified place on the Library shelves and will be available to all borrowers, and otherwise handled as any other material belonging to the Library.
D. Items that do not meet the selection criteria will be given to another library, to a non-profit organization, the Friends of the Coeur d'Alene Public Library for sale to benefit the Library, or otherwise disposed.
E. Nameplates will be put in gift books at the donor’s request.
F. Whenever a gift is no longer needed in the collection, it will be disposed of in the same manner as purchased materials.
G. Donations of money designated for magazines and newspapers are preferred in lieu of actual subscriptions.
H. All gifts not designated as part of the materials collection (for example, property, stocks, etc.) will be accepted by and managed at the discretion of the Library Board.